What is RERoad actually?

RERoad - Research and Education on Road Freight Transport

The cooperation between the BFI Vienna University of Applied Sciences, the Logistikum Steyr, the SCHIG mbH and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) is intended to increase awareness and knowledge of road transport.

The mobility of people and goods is a basic prerequisite for a functioning economic system. Road freight transport plays an important role in an economically efficient transport system based on the principle of sustainable mobility. RERoad intends to convey knowledge about road freight transport to interested people with didactically valuable teaching materials and to shed light on its significance in an overall transport system.

Development of topic-specific content
On our information platform you can download various teaching materials on "road freight transport". These services include, for example, course materials, case studies, teaching materials and lectures. Our offers can be used, adapted and shared free of charge.
Find further topic-specific teaching materials and information on the following information platforms (created in cooperation with Logistikum Steyr, the SCHIG mbH and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)):

RETrans - provides general information about logistics and freight transport as well as professions in these fields
REecotrans - provides teaching materials on sustainable freight transport
REWWay - (in cooperation with viadonau) provides teaching materials on inland waterway transport
RERail – provides teaching materials on rail freight transport